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Graduate Certificate Programs

Clinical research and trials has become a major source of revenue for universities and hospital systems. Individuals who are trained in the finance and management are needed as administrators in this expanding field of clinical research. The management of human research is complex and requires an understanding of funding sources, regulatory issues, and the ability to manage data generated. Careers available to graduates of this program include: monitors, coordinators, and associates.

The Certificate in Clinical Trials: Operations will provide students with all of these foundations in addition to an essential overview of the clinical trials process.

Program Objectives

  • Train students in the financial and data management of clinical research and trials
  • Educate on the regulations and ethical issues in human subject research
  • Provide a foundation of the clinical trials process

Qualified Applicants

Prospective students with an interest in learning how to operate and manage clinical research and trials should also be:

  • Current clinical researchers looking to expand their skill sets
  • Graduates of baccalaureate programs in basic sciences, nursing, health professions, engineering, or business
  • Graduates or students of professional programs (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law)
  • Graduates or students of doctoral or post-doctoral programs.

About Graduate Certificate Programs

Health-related industries are projected to continue their steady growth for years to come, increasing the need for highly-qualified professionals. In response, Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences (JCBS), through the Graduate Center for Education & Training, has developed certificate programs, offered at times convenient to practicing professionals and focused on growth areas in healthcare industries.

The certificate programs comprise about one-third of the requirement for a Master of Science degree. They use courses selected from our existing programs in the Graduate School:

As there are fewer course requirements for certificate programs than for formal degree programs, degree candidates may also pursue certificates as part of their graduate curriculum. Courses within certificate programs must be taken for academic credit and may be applied to appropriate existing Master of Science programs. These programs make completing or enhancing a degree or getting new skill sets accessible and affordable.

Additionally, courses completed for a certificate program may later be applied toward a graduate degree program. Please note that acceptance to and successful completion of a Certificate program does not guarantee admission to a JCBS degree program. 

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