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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question listed there, feel free to contact your admissions counselor

Academic Calendar/Schedule

When does school start?

Start dates vary by program. The “pre-fall” term refers to programs that typically start in May/June and the “fall” term typically refers to programs that start in August/September.

When will Commencement take place?

Commencement exercises typically take place at the end of May.

Where can I find the Academic Calendar?

What will my schedule look like?

Schedules vary by department. Please contact your department directly to inquire about the schedule.

Pre-Matriculation Requirements/Holds

What holds do I have on my account?

Students can see their remaining holds by logging on to Banner Web. Banner Web is the student information system. Students can access grades, general financial aid information, unofficial transcripts, tuition information, class schedules, final grades holds and much more.

Under “Applications,” select “Student Applications” and then Banner icon. The following University offices are responsible for student holds:

  • Admissions: Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Check, Transcript, Fingerprinting, CPR, Licensure (if applicable)
  • Student Affairs: Student Affairs (Orientation), Health Insurance
  • University Health Services: University Health Medical Records
  • Faculty Advisor: Advising Hold
  • Tuition/Payment: Tuition Office

How long does it take to get my holds removed?

The time will vary depending on the hold. If you are mailing a document such as a child abuse clearance or transcript to our office, it can take 7-10 business days for our office to receive and process mail. If your hold is processed electronically, such as the criminal background check, these holds are typically updated once per week. It can take up to two weeks for the hold to be removed once you get confirmation that your request has been processed.

What do the hold codes mean?

  • BC – Criminal Background Check
  • CA – Child Abuse Clearance
  • CPR – CPR Certification
  • DT – Drug Test
  • FP - Fingerprinting
  • HI – Health Insurance
  • MR – University Health Medical Records
  • NH – Nursing Advising Hold (graduate level only)
  • OR- Orientation
  • RL – State Nursing Licensure (RN, MSN, DNP only)
  • SA – Student Affairs (Orientation)
  • SH- Safety & HIPPA
  • TR – Transcript Hold
  • TU – Tuition/Cashier Hold

I completed my health insurance application or HIPAA/Safety or online orientation requirement. Why is there still a hold?

We communicate regularly with other offices and remove holds continually. It may take a couple days after you have completed these requirements before the holds are actually removed.

Where do I send my transcripts? Do I need to send one?

Students must send a final transcript if they are still completing courses after the time of admission. This is specifically important for students who have received a conditional acceptance and signed a Prerequisite Credit Agreement. The transcript hold will not be removed for these students until their final transcript has been received and processed by the Admissions Office. Some programs may ask that you send the final transcript to the CAS (Centralized Application Service) that initially processed your application.  Please check with your admissions counselor for specific instructions.

Will my background check/child abuse clearance be ready in time?

It can take up to 8 weeks for the agencies to provide the documentation. We encourage students to complete these prerequisites early. If a student isn’t able to complete this requirement until late in the summer, they need to have submitted the necessary paperwork with the clearances or background check in progress by the start of the semester. If a student fails to complete this requirement by that time, they will be in jeopardy of their registration being dropped.

Do I keep the original or a copy of my child abuse clearance?

Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies students should fax or email the child abuse clearance to American Data Bank. Students in other programs should keep a copy of your child abuse clearance and fax, e-mail or mail the original to the Office of Admissions. Be sure to copy the front and back of the child abuse clearance for your records.  

What is a prerequisite credit agreement? Do I need to send it back?

A prerequisite credit agreement is created for students who have been accepted to Thomas Jefferson University before they have completed the remaining prerequisite courses for their program. The prerequisite credit agreement outlines the courses that are outstanding and must be emailed or faxed to the Office of Admissions after it is signed and dated.  

I'm an international student and don't have a social security number. How can I complete my holds?

International students without a social security number need to contact the Office of Admissions so we can issue a number in order to generate a campus key. If you have difficulty completing prerequisites such as fingerprinting, child abuse clearance, or background check, you need to contact the customer service teams at those respective agencies.

Where do I bring my CPR certification?

  • Radiologic Science students must provide their CPR certification to the Department of Radiologic Sciences by the first day of class.
  • Occupational Therapy students must show a copy of their CPR certification to an appointed OT faculty member the first week of class. 
  • Physical Therapy students must show a copy of their CPR certification to an appointed PT faculty member by December 31 of their first semester.

When do my holds need to be completed?

Holds need to be completed or in progress by the start of the semester.


How do I defer?

Deferment is offered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your counselor immediately if you want to defer.

How does the deferment process work?

You will receive an e-mail from your counselor with deferment paperwork. Please complete the form and submit it immediately along with a personal statement detailing your reason for deferment. Once we receive your paperwork, we will submit it to the department for approval. It can take 1-2 weeks for a decision to be made on a deferment request. You will be notified you via e-mail of the decision.

Is there any additional fee for deferring my seat?

A student must submit a deposit for the current year and then an additional deposit to hold their seat for the following year. 


I don’t have a campus key / I’m having problems with my campus key, what should I do?

Contact the Office of Admissions as we can determine why your campus key is not generating. It will take approximately 24 hours once this issue has been resolved before your campus key will generate.

Having Problems? Please contact Information Services & Technology at 215-503-7600 and they will be able to assist.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept various payment methods.

How much is my deposit?

Jefferson College of Nursing – $500

Jefferson College of Health Professions

                  Physical Therapy – $300

                  Occupational Therapy – $300

                  Bioscience Technologies – $300

                  Radiologic Sciences - $300

                  Physician Assistant – $500

                  Couple and Family Therapy – $300

Jefferson College of Pharmacy – $1,000

When is my deposit due?

The deposit due date is specified on your acceptance e-mail. Typically, deposits are due 2-4 weeks after you have received your offer of acceptance.

Can I request a deposit extension?

We offer deposit extensions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your counselor if you feel you need a deposit extension.

Health & Dental Insurance Requirement

Do I have to complete the health insurance requirement?

Yes. As an academic health center, Thomas Jefferson University requires all matriculated students to have health insurance and to complete the enrollment/waiver process for each academic year.* If you have health insurance through another provider, it must meet the stated minimum requirements to qualify for a waiver. If you do not have coverage through another provider that meets the minimum requirements, then you must enroll in the University-sponsored student health insurance plan. Once enrolled, the plan will be in effect for the entire academic year. You may only terminate the insurance coverage if you have a qualifying life change event. For more information about the health insurance requirement and how to apply, visit the Office of Student Life and Engagement.

*Dates may vary by academic program

Is dental insurance required?

No, it is not required. Optional dental insurance is available for matriculated students at Thomas Jefferson University. The insurance is offered through Delta Dental, with two coverage levels available. Enrollments are on an annual basis.

Visit the Dental Insurance Information page for more information about coverage, open enrollment periods and enrollment instructions. 


Please click to learn about HIPAA Training & Safety Training requirements.

NOTE: Once BOTH the HIPAA and Safety Training workshops have been completed, the SA hold will be removed from your account. Holds for this requirement are MANUALLY removed at least once a week by the Office of Student Life.

I’m a Jefferson employee. Do I still have to do this?

Yes, even if you have completed similar courses as an employee through Healthstream, you will need to complete this requirement as a student following the instructions provided to you.


Is on-campus housing guaranteed?

First year students Thomas Jefferson University are guaranteed University housing if:

  • Applications are received in the Housing Office by May 31
  • Official acceptance to Thomas Jefferson University for a fall or pre-fall term is received by May 31
  • Applicants have first priority status

Guaranteed housing does not guarantee that an applicant will receive his/her preference of building, size, number of roommates, renovation status and/or occupancy date. However, every effort will be made to meet an applicant's first choice. If the guaranteed assignment is rejected for any reason, the guaranteed space will be offered to the next applicant. This will insure that each applicant receives one assignment before any applicant receives a second assignment. To meet the guarantee, students may be assigned to overflow space (i.e., three people in a two bedroom unit, two people in a one bedroom unit, etc.).

How do I apply for on-campus housing?

The housing department will mail housing applications to those newly accepted to the University. A potential student can download an application from the website, request an application by calling the Housing Office directly at 215-955-8913 or pick up an application at the DHRL Office (located in Suite 103 on the first floor of the Orlowitz Residence).

When is the housing application due?

Please submit an application at your earliest convenience to be considered for on-campus housing. Applications are given priority based on the date they are received. Potential residents who have not yet been officially accepted to the University are still eligible to apply. You will receive an assignment once our department is notified of an official acceptance.

How can I tour the residence halls?

The Department of Housing and Residence Life operates a “mock room” on the first floor of Orlowitz Residence. Students can come to the department office if they wish to view the mock room outside of an admission’s tour. For viewing other rooms/apartments in Martin or Barringer, it depends on if there are any open rooms available to show.

How much does it cost to live on-campus?

The costs for living on-campus can vary depending on what building you are in and what type of room (standard double room, efficiency, one bedroom apartment, etc.). The costs can also vary from year to year. For the most up to date costs, please refer to Department of Housing and Residence Life, or contact the department at 215-955-8913 for more information.

Can I live in the residence hall the duration of my program?

Yes, you can stay on campus throughout the duration of your program. Students have the opportunity to RenewTransfer (within or between residence halls), or Terminate a current housing agreement in the spring for the following year.

  • Renewal: Full time students have first priority to remain in the same space the following year. Roommates may be adjusted. The original resident can complete renewal paperwork and list the desired new resident. The desired new resident must submit a new housing application (if the individual will be a new resident) or a transfer form (if the individual is a current resident).
  • Transfer: Current residents who wish to transfer will receive a transfer assignment in their on campus mailbox in May/June

What styles are the residence halls?

The Department of Housing and Residence Life is proud to offer three residence halls:

Martin Residence (traditional-style “dormitory” residence hall)

  • Offers both private and shared rooms
  • Community bathrooms, kitchens and lounge spaces
  • Owned and operated by Thomas Jefferson University

Barringer Residence and Orlowitz Residence (apartment-style residence halls)

  • Efficiencies and different apartment options available (one, two or three bedroom)
  • Owned and operated by the Philadelphia Management Company

How do I pay my housing fees? Will I receive a bill each month?

Barringer and Orlowitz Apartment-style: Housing fees are due on the 1st of each month. You will not receive a bill but please be diligent in paying on time as late fees will begin to accrue on the 10th of each month. It is important that you write your name, building, room number and telephone number on the check. You can drop off your payment check in the rent drop boxes in the Orlowitz lobby.

IMPORTANT: Barringer and Orlowitz residents' rent can be paid by check or money order payable to Philadelphia Management Company.

Martin Residence: Your housing fees are due at the beginning of each term. The calendar year is divided into four possible terms. While you must have signed your contract for the Fall and Spring terms, you may or may not have decided to stay on for pre-fall or summer terms.

Pre-Fall Term: July 1st- Aug 31st
Fall Term: Sept 1st-Dec 31st
Spring Term: Jan 1st-May 31st
Summer Term: June 1st- June 30th

When housing fees are due, you will not receive a separate bill, but the fees will appear on your tuition bill if you are a student. Please be diligent in checking your Banner web account and paying on time. A hold will be placed on your record if you are delinquent in paying any tuition or housing fees.

I need help finding a roommate! (Roommate Matching)

Use your Campus Key and Password to access the Jefferson Pulse Organization Classified page.

Jefferson ID Card

When will I get my Jefferson ID card?

ID card distribution varies by academic discipline.

Most students receive their ID card on their scheduled welcome day and are distributed by their academic department.

Some departments set a date for the students to come to the ID Center or are sent on their own, typically during the first week of class.

How do I get my Jefferson ID card early to move into the residence halls?

To secure your ID card early to move into the residence halls, you must obtain a Photo ID authorization form from the Housing Office in the Orlowitz building.

Bring the Photo ID authorization form to the Photo ID Center located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street along with a government issued ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.).

Medical Records

My insurance coverage doesn’t start until I’m a student, how am I supposed to get my medical requirements done before then?

Students should begin to complete the pre-matriculation health requirements as soon as they can so that they may still be covered by their parents health insurance or their employer's insurance. In the event that the student has no insurance, there are free or minimal fee clinics in Philadelphia. Some of them require that the individual is a Philadelphia resident.

Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc. – 800 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19147  (215-339-5100)

Philadelphia District Health Center 2 – 1720 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA  19145  (215-685-1810). Other locations are listed on their website.

Can I get the required shots/immunizations at University Health Services? Is there a cost?

Vaccines are available at University Health Services for a fee – cash or check, only.  University Health Services cannot administer vaccines to incoming students until 30 days prior to start of classes.

What immunizations do I need before I can begin classes?

The five page Pre-Matriculation Physical Evaluation for Tier I, II or III is available for download on the University Health Services (UHS) website under Student Services. The required vaccines and blood tests are indicated within the page one instructions and page four of the packet.

Other areas students may need direction:

American Data Bank (ADB) accounts:  Supporting documents must be uploaded and the necessary fields completed in the student's ADB account so that UHS staff can review the records and verify the information. This can be a lengthy process for UHS, and it is important that the students complete the ADB prior to the due date so they can be medically cleared in time for their clinical rotations. 

Incoming students should check their ADB account 1-2 times per week while UHS staff are reviewing pre-matriculation records for school approval. While under review, UHS staff will leave a note in the students ADB account with instructions for the student to follow in order to complete their health requirements. 

To avoid additional vaccinations that are not necessary:

In some cases, the measles, mumps or rubella antibody titers are equivocal or negative despite having vaccinations in the past. In accordance with the current guidelines from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in the MMWR dated 11/25/11, appropriate documentation of two previous MMR vaccines will "supercede" the non-reactive antibody titer. This means that we can accept appropriate documentation of past vaccinations even though the antibody titer is non-reactive at this time.


When do I register for classes?

You will not register for courses until your Orientation. Exceptions include MSN and DNP students as they register on their own after creating a plan of study with their advisor. During your Orientation, you will be given explicit instructions on registering for courses, as well as the specific courses you will need to take that semester.  

All new students have holds on their account and the Registrar allows students to register regardless of their holds.  This should only apply to continuing students.  If for some reason this has happened, please contact the Registrar’s Office.


How much is tuition?

Tuition varies for each program.  You can find your tuition costs through your Pulse Account. Additionally, you can find tuition by visiting the Registrar’s website.

When do I have to pay for tuition?

Tuition is due by the first day of class or the due date listed on your bill.

I haven’t received a tuition bill. What should I do?

Students will not receive a paper bill.  Billing information can be found online through your Thomas Jefferson University portal.


Where is the Jefferson Bookstore and what are the hours?

Jefferson Medical and Health Science Bookstore
1009 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA19104
Phone: 215-955-7922

Monday through Friday 7:00AM-5:30PM and Saturdays 9:00AM-1:00PM.

Can I sell my books back?

Yes, the Jefferson Bookstore provides in-store book buyback at the end of the fall and spring semester or sell books back through the Jefferson Bookstore website anytime.

Does the Bookstore offer used, rental and e-books?

Whenever possible, the Jefferson Bookstore offers used and e-books for students. Rental books can be obtained on the Jefferson Bookstore website.

Do I get a student discount in the Bookstore?

Yes, the Jefferson Bookstore offers 10% off all books all the time. 

How and when can I get my required uniform and course materials?

The Jefferson Bookstore keeps all required student uniforms and course materials in stock. Future students can visit the Jefferson Bookstore during regular business hours or during scheduled orientations.   

If I have a credit on my account, can I use it to purchase items at the Jefferson Bookstore?

Students who are expecting a refund from the Tuition Office will have these funds deposited electronically to their bank account after the first day of class and can use these funds for purchases in the Jefferson Bookstore.

What is the return policy?

Any item is returnable within 15 days of purchase, provided it is in clean, resalable condition. Upon receipt of your return, we will issue a full refund of your purchase price.

Software may be returned within 15 days of purchase for a refund for any reason provided the sealed software package has not been opened and is in resalable condition.

How do I find out what books I need?

Your department will communicate with you prior to enrollment regarding the required books and supplies.

University Orientation

Is Orientation required?

Completion of the University Orientation program is mandatory for all incoming students. Based upon your academic program, your University Orientation program will either take place in-person or will be completed through an online module. To check whether your University Orientation program will take place in-person or online, visit our University Orientation website.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

Yes, completion of the Orientation Program is mandatory; students are expected to stay for the entire duration of the in-person orientation program.

I can’t make my Orientation date, what should I do?

Attending the University Orientation program is mandatory. If you are unable to attend your scheduled University Orientation due to extenuating circumstances, then you must attend the Make-Up Orientation. You will use the online RSVP system to submit this information to the Office of Student Life. 

Does my program have an in-person Orientation?

Based upon your academic program, your University Orientation program will either take place in-person or will be completed through an online module.  To check whether your University Orientation program will take place in-person or online, visit our University Orientation website.

Do you validate parking?

No, unfortunately we are not able to validate your parking.

I didn’t receive an Orientation packet. What should I do?

Please contact the Office of Student Life at 215-503-8189 or

Is there a dress code for Orientation?

We don’t have a specific dress code for Orientation. Please feel free to dress comfortably for Orientation, but appropriately for a setting where you’ll be interacting with faculty and staff (e.g., no ripped jeans or t-shirts with offensive messages, etc.). 

Will we get lunch?

Yes, lunch is provided at your University Orientation. We’ll be serving boxed lunches, each with a wrap, an apple, a bag of chips and a dessert item.  There are vegetarian wraps available as well as some gluten free options. There will be stickers on the box to identify what is inside.  

Are there overnight on-campus accommodations available?

The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves space in our Martin Residence Hall for short-term housing accommodations available to visiting or current students, residents' family and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital patients' family. Eligible persons include patients, patient-family, visiting students, current students and employees of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Wills Eye Hospital or Methodist Hospital. 

All reservations must be made through Don Morrissey, the Assistant Director, Housing Operations, at 215-955-6479 or For additional information, please visit short term housing.

Can I bring a guest?

The University Orientation program is designed specifically for students to give you the best possible start for your time at Thomas Jefferson University. We are unable to accommodate parents and guests at the Orientation program, but encourage them to visit our Student Affairs website for information.

When/How will I find out about Orientation?

Students are sent information regarding their scheduled orientation approximately four to six weeks prior to the program date, or as soon as they are accepted if that date is less than four weeks prior to orientation. The Orientation Packet will be emailed to the Thomas Jefferson University e-mail and primary alternate e-mail on file – if that information is incorrect, please contact our office. Please note that this is a separate information packet from the acceptance packet sent to you from the Office of Admissions. You may also receive a packet from your academic area.

Welcome Day/College Orientation

Is Welcome Day required?

Welcome Day is designed to acquaint students with the policies, procedures and standards of the program.  It is required for all students. 

When/where is it?

Please contact your specific department to determine the date, time and location of your Welcome Day.


When can I start using Commuter Services (to get a train pass or tokens)?

Students can begin making purchase for parking and transit products and services through the Commuter Services Office once they are in possession of their Jefferson ID Card.

Do you have lockers on campus? How do I get a locker?

Locker rentals will run from the date of application through the end of the rental period in a four month period. Lockers are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

  • Rental periods are as follows:
        September – December
        January – April
        May –August
  • Lockers are available in the Scott Memorial Library.
    • Full Size Lockers – $50.00 for the rental period
    • Half Size Lockers – $25.00 for the rental period
  • Learn more about lockers, including their dimensions.
  • Application are being accepted now in the Office of Student Life & Engagement, Room B67, Jefferson Alumni Hall
  • Valid Jefferson Student ID and payment required at registration. Cash, Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Where can I park my car indefinitely?

While street parking is an option if you obtain a Philadelphia Parking Permit, you can also get a monthly pass from several local garages. The prices range from $75 - $210 per month. For more information, contact Thomas Jefferson University Commuter Services at 215-955-6417.