Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


To be considered for Jefferson institutional aid, your application must be complete by the priority date listed below.  If your application is complete after this date, you may still be considered for institutional aid if availability remains. As institutional aid is limited, there is no guarantee that funding will be available after the priority deadlines have passed. Students who do not meet the priority deadlines indicated may only be considered for Federal Pell Grant (undergraduate students only), Federal Work Study, and the Federal Direct Loan programs.

Priority Processing Deadlines

Sideny Kimmel Medical College
Rising fourth year March 1, 2016
Rising third year March 1, 2016
Rising second year April 1, 2016
Entering students April 1, 2016 or within 2 weeks of acceptance if after April 1, 2016
Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences
Jefferson College of Population Health
All students May 2, 2016
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Jefferson College of Nursing
Jefferson College of Pharmacy
Returning students March 16, 2016
Entering students April 1, 2016