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How to Submit a Report

In cases where an individual's behavior poses an imminent threat to you or another, or if it is after hours, contact 911 or TJU Security at 215-955-8888.

If you are concerned about a student you can submit a referral to JeffBIT by sending an email to the JeffBIT team at  Your email should include the following information: 

  • Name of the student
  • College and Academic Program of the student
  • Student email (if known)
  • Description of the behavior of concern
  • Date of Incident/ First Noticed Behavior
  • How frequently does the student exhibit the behaviors you are concerned about?
  • Have you discussed your concerns with this student? Yes/No
  • If yes – please describe how you addressed your concern, as any response you received from the student.

In addition, you can indicate your preference on how involved you would like to be with this concern.  Please indicate:

  • I wish to remain anonymous, if possible.
  • I do not wish to be involved, but would like to know that this concern has been addressed.
  • I would like to be contacted by a member of JeffBIT for further information/consultation.

JeffBIT will make every reasonable effort to preserve an individual’s privacy and protect the confidentiality of information it receives in connection with such a report.  The information reported will be shared only with individuals who have a need to know about the referral.  Students should know, however, that JeffBIT is unable to guarantee anonymity. 

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