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What You Will Gain

Some students wonder they should attend a career fair if representatives simply ask students to apply online. With the increase of online applications, this is a common occurrence, so do not be surprised if representatives do not want your resume in person.

So, why attend a career fair? Here’s what you will gain:

  • Discover organizations you may not have heard of before
  • Learn more about organizations you are interested in
  • Meet employees of these organizations and ask questions about the organization’s culture, available opportunities, and more
  • Gain experience networking
  • Connect with employers and stay in touch after the fair!

TIP: Students from ALL class years can benefit from the networking opportunities at the fair! Even if you are not currently seeking a job, come and meet employers and learn about the organizations.

Student/Alumni Learnig Outcomes

Student Feedback from Prior Fairs

I believe that my contact with one employer to which I had already applied helped to clinch the interview.” Fall 2011 Attendee

The career fair provided me with a great way to find externship opportunities that I was unaware of and allowed me to talk to potential future employers face-to-face.” Spring 2012 Attendee

I have been more confident of talking with employers.  I believe it is a good [initial] step in preparedness for any future interview.” Spring 2012 Attendee

I only had a few moments to stop by the career fair due to my schedule but the short time I spent there, I got to meet a lot of employers and use the Leadership LIVE skills I acquired from the networking session to make a positive impression.” Spring 2012 Attendee

I am [a] first year Nursing Student so I did not attend with the intention of finding a job. I was simply speaking with recruiters to see the type of positions that are available at this time. I thought the Job Fair was well organized and the booklet was very helpful to find the correct companies to speak with.” Fall 2011 Attendee

I thought it was a great job fair. As I am graduating, it was nice to get a feel for what is out there and talk with potential employers about their place of work. Although I am not ready quite yet for a job, it is great practice and come the Spring I will be really trying to focus more on securing job leads.” Fall 2011 Attendee

The job fair allows students to meet with future employers in person to get a better understanding of the facility. It also allows the student to feel comfortable talking to the recruiters.” Fall 2011 Attendee

Career Development Center Info

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