Stephen R. Dunn

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research and Clinical Interests:
Biomarkers, surrogate endpoints, Luminex, DNA isolation, Robotics, SNP analysis, allele discrimination assays, methods development in chromatography (HPLC and gas) ELISA, liquid handling automation, carcinogenesis, nitroso compounds, renal physiology, phenotyping of mouse models in diabetes, renal disease, probiotics.

215 503-6951
215-503-9142 FAX

Office Address
1009 Bluemle Life Science Building
233 South 10th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107

Email Address

BS Chemistry, ACS certified, May 1970
Rutgers Univ., Camden and New Brunswick, NJ

Graduate education:
St. Josephs Univ., Philadelphia, PA (Organic Anal Chem)
Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA (Anal Chem)
Thomas Jefferson Univ., Philadelphia, PA (Molecular Biol and Statistics)

University Appointments:
1971-1993 Research Associate
1993-2002 Instructor in Medicine
2002-present Assistant Professor of Medicine

Publications List:

PubMed Link For Dunn SR

Hann HW L, Dunn SR, Ahn M, ParkSY. A single center open-label, randomized study comparing the safety of direct switching from lamivudine to adefovir Dipivoxil versus overlapping lamivudine and adefovir for three months before instituting adefovir monotherapy in patients with chronic hepatitis B. Hepatology International submitted

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