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The Jefferson Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for early careerists to get involved in high-level strategic planning, mid-level management processes and frontline problem solving. Through the Balanced Scorecard, Baldrige framework and Lean Six Sigma, Fellows are presented myriad potential projects that are led by multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and managers. With such broad and comprehensive exposure to hospital operations and strategy, the Fellowship prepared me well for future career endeavors.

- Dennis R. Delisle, Administrative Fellow, 2009-2010, George Washington University

The project work is challenging and varied and the resident/fellow has the ability to be exposed to any and all operational, clinical and staff functions. Senior management not only listens to your ideas but also encourages you to offer them as solutions.

- Sarah Palmer, Administrative Fellow, 2003-2004, George Washington University

TJUH provides the unique opportunity to work with professionals at all levels of the institution on a multitude of projects guided jointly by the participant's interests and the priorities of the organization. A 'hands on' experience enabled me to gain insight into the operations of a premier academic medical center and, thus, has made me a more capable administrator.

- Eric Williams, Administrative Fellow, 2002-2003, University of Michigan

One of the main reasons I chose to do a fellowship was to gain exposure to high level thinking and discussions early in my career. My fellowship experience at Jefferson was a great 'bridge' between theory and practice.

- Jeanie Kim Carpenter, Administrative Fellow, 1987-1988, Cornell University

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