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Sacred Heart Hospital

421 Chew St
Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: (610) 776-4500
Website: www.shh.org

Sacred Heart Hospital is a 241-bed Catholic medical center located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1912, Sacred Heart Hospital offers a full range of advanced medical services, ranging from open-heart surgery and neuroscience to oncology, orthopedics and womenís health. A network of physician practices throughout Lehigh and Northampton Counties provide complete primary and pediatric medical care to the regionís residents.

The mission of the Center for Cancer Care at Sacred Heart Hospital is to provide the finest possible treatment with compassion, care and concern. Sacred Heart is well known for its cancer treatment, dating back to the early 1900s. Sacred Heart was the first hospital in the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area to introduce radiation therapy as part of its treatment for cancer in 1936, and was the first to introduce IMRT treatments in May of 1998. The Center for Cancer Care continues that tradition, as it was the first to bring two new treatments to the area within the last year.

In February 2002, Sacred Heart began performing treatments with the B-mode Acquisition and Targeting System, or BAT. The BAT machine is an ultrasound-based patient positioning system that can rapidly pinpoint target organs at the time of a radiation therapy treatment, which in turn reduces the need for targeting margins which have traditionally been used to compensate for errors in localization. The result is that the physicians are able to maximize radiation doses while minimizing side effects, therefore increasing the chance of disease-free survival.

When the Center for Cancer Care began to include Partial Breast Irradiation using the MammoSite Device as part of its treatment for breast cancer in May 2002, it was one of just 30 hospitals nationwide to offer the treatment. Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI), also known as brachytherapy, is a method of treating cancer by placing radioactive seeds directly into the site of the cancer, via a series of catheters, and fighting it from the inside out. The total elapsed time of the PBI treatment is one week, or five to six days, instead of six to seven weeks. This benefit, along with the results that show a much lower recurrence rate, make PBI a powerful new tool in the fight against breast cancer.

For a referral to a Sacred Heart cancer specialist, call the Center for Cancer Care at (610) 776-4674.


Director, Radiation Oncology Joann Leahy, MD (610) 776-4674
Director, Medical Oncology Tamam Habib, MD (610) 776-4674
Manager, Radiation Oncology Michelle Hughes (610) 776-4674
Cancer Registrar Deana Correll (610) 776-4689