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JeffShare offers many advantages over previous methods of document handling. Files can now be shared through JeffMail without file size limitations and without the size of the file affecting your JeffMail storage limit. Shared files can be assigned permissions and be shared to only those people whom you designate. Files can also be shared as part of a workflow process. Files and directories can be assigned classifications to further enhance security. It is not appropriate to use JeffShare for large amounts of archival or backup storage purposes. Users are allocated 500mb to start, with the option of adding more.

Please feel free to browse around this information center. You'll find several useful sections, including Frequently Asked Questions and a Features Matrix. In the Instructional Documents section, there are links to several training presentations and manuals. JeffShare allows home-users easy and secure access to their files. For instructions to access your files from home, see the Home-User Documents section. You may see the term 'Xythos' mentioned throughout this center. Xythos is the software provider for JeffShare..

Attn: All Mac users please see the posting in the troubleshooting section if you have installed or are planning to install the latest version of the Safari web browser.


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