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Student FAQs

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General Questions

There are many ways to get IT support here at Jefferson:

  • You can call IS&T Solution Center at 5-7975 to speak with a support representative.
  • You can fill out a Service Request form.
  • You can visit the IS&T Desk located on the 2nd floor of the Scott Memorial Library, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm.
  • You can contact the staff of the Learning Resource Centers by phone at (215) 503-8407 or by email at, for individual assistance with general research and productivity software, including support using computer-assisted instruction and email programs.

Students are not required to bring a computer on campus. We have computer labs and the library is open 24/7 with computers available for all students & faculty. Most students do choose to bring their own computers for convenience.

Recommended Minimum Configurations for New Laptop Systems

    Windows Mac OS
Hardware Processor Dual Core i5 processor
Dual Core i5 processor
Dual Core i5 processor
Dual Core i5 processor
Memory Ram 6.0 GB | 4.0 GB 6.0 GB | 4.0 GB
Hard Drive 500 GB 500 GB
Graphics Built-in video card Built-in video card
Sound Built-in audio & speaker Built-in audio & speaker
Miscellaneous DVD±R/CD-RW drive
Optional Optical Drive
DVD±R/CD-RW drive
Optional Optical Drive
Network Connection 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet
Wireless Network Connection Built-in Wireless 5Ghz G/N Network Card (Intel Preferred) Built-in Airport Exterme Card
Recommended Operating Systems Windows 7 or higher Mac OS X 10.8.2 or higher
Antivirus / Anti-spyware with current updated license

Yes, you can purchase a new computer with a University discount(s) on Dell and Apple computers. For more information on Dell University discounts, click here. You may also call 800-695-8133 and use the Member ID US126608629.

For Apple purchases you can go directly to the Apple Store, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Education. From there you can select Thomas Jefferson University as your University.

We can't stress enough the need for antivirus and antispyware software.  Viruses and spyware target a machine with the intent of stealing information, making computers inoperable, or disrupting the network.

Please click here for some free antivirus and antispyware solutions.




You can either try to configure your PC for wireless by following the instructions in the Wireless Network Section, or visit us at the IS&T Desk located on the second floor of the Scott Memorial Library, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

You need:

  1. Campus Key – Everyone with the University/Hospital has a campus key. If you do not have a Campus Key, please speak to the Registrars Office, or your program manager. NOTE: IS&T does not supply temporary or permanent Campus Keys.
  2. Either a PC, Macintosh computer, iPad or iPhone.

College/Curtis — 2nd floor and Auditoriums
Jefferson Alumni Hall — basement, 1st floor, Mezzanine & Auditoriums,
rooms: 207, 307, 407 & 509
Jefferson Hospital for Neurosciences — floors: 2, 4

Full Building Coverage
Barringer, Martin & Orlowitz
Health Professions Academic Building
Scott Memorial Library

At this time, none of the mainstream video game consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are compatible with Jefferson's wireless network. The student network is for educational and research purposes only.

No. IS&T does not lock down your wireless to just our network. On occasion we upgrade the version of your wireless software and with some software the profile(s) do not "carry" over. This  requires a re-setup some of your wireless connections. Connecting to Jeff Wireless does not prohibit your abilities to connect everywhere else.

Don't panic. Let's run thru the troubleshooting checklist first:

  • Did you restart your computer? If a computer is on standby for a long time or if some system processes freezes it might affect the software controlling your wireless card. A simple restart would fix that.
  • Did you change your password recently? (JeffMail, Pulse, library computers are all affected by a password change) If you did change your password, did you enter the new password in your wireless software?
  • Did your status as a student change? If for any reason your account is on hold at the registrar's office, your account status will be "frozen" until the situation is cleared up with the registrar's office. IS&T does not have the authorization to reactivate your account. Contact the Registrar's Office to discuss the reactivation of your account.
  • Did you recently get employed by the University/Hospital? When you are employed by the University/Hospital your access changes. You are given additional rights to access the University/Hospital system. Please reset your password to ensure all your account passwords are in sync.
  • Are other people around you affected as well? If people around you are affected and their wireless stops working we might be experiencing some network issues, please call IS&T at (215) 955-7975 to let us know.


No.  The Gmail accounts for are completely separate from personal Gmail accounts.  You are free to configure a forward of your mail from your Jefferson Gmail account to your personal Gmail account.


The web address for outside access to your drive is: Use your campus key and password to gain access.

Jeffshare uses a folder called Trash. This acts like the Recycle Bin on your desktop. When you delete files they are moved to this folder not deleted. You will need to go into this folder and delete the files a second time to actually clear them. Note: All files in this folder DO COUNT AGAINST YOUR QUOTA.

In your JeffShare drive there is Trash folder, all your deleted items gets moved there by default. You can move it back and restore deleted data from the trash  folder. If you delete items from your trash folder IS&T does not support any data recovery from that point. JeffShare should never be your primary backup location.

In your JeffShare drive there is trash folder.  All your deleted items gets moved there by default. You can move it back and restore deleted data from the trash folder. If you delete items from your trash folder IS&T does not support any  data recovery from that point.

Network Registration

In today’s computing environment, virus and network attacks are rampant. Network security is essential to maintaining a "healthy" network for everyone. All faculty and staff already register their PC's on the network. By requiring users to validate to our network, we will be better equipped to protect our Network users of any malicious attacks.

Starting December 28th at 6am you will be required to self register your PC to access the network. This will simply require that you enter your campus key and password. Afterwards you will be automatically prompted to re-register every June 30th and December 31st.

Currently only PC's, Macintosh computers, iPads and iPhones are permitted and supported on the JeffWireless network. Please refer to the Wired/Wireless Network Access Agreement.

Service Requests

There are two ways you can request IT services:

  1. You can call the IS&T Solution Center at (215) 955-7975.
  2. Or you can open a Service Request.

Always provide your Campus Key.  

You should also provide the best number to contact you. A general office number is not always the best method for contact.  You should also provided the location of where the device having the issue resides.  Many times tickets are opened by clients for others in different locations.  The more information you can provide the better.

You will be contacted by a IS&T analyst regarding your request.