Information Services & Technology

General FAQs

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General Questions

There is nothing wrong with your computer. If you are the hiring manager/supervisor, the current version of PeopleSoft (v. 8.45) does not allow you to view 'your' posting. In order to see the posting, you will have to log in externally to Jefferson and search Job Postings.

Campus Keys

New Campus Keys are automatically generated for new employees when they are processed through Human Resources.

If you are a visiting scholar, resident, or fellow and need a campus key or want wireless access on campus follow these steps:

The sponsor department must place a Service Request for a campus key creation.

The following information is necessary in the request:

  • First and last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Expiration Date
  • Postal Zip Code
  • Sponsor (on campus) name/campus key
  • Division (TJUH, etc)
  • Department ID (First 8 digits of Department Charge code)

IS&T will contact you or the department for any follow up information.

IS&T will process campus key and inform you once the campus key is created.

After you receive the Campus Key, if you will also require online access to Scott
Memorial Library (e-journals and databases). Please have your affiliated department place a
request to the Director of Library Operations.

After the campus key is processed/created -- and you want to connect to the clinical wireless network -  a Service Request needs to be submitted.

Email Clients

No.  This application is no longer supported.  Email can be accessed the following ways:



The web address for outside access to your drive is: .
Use your normal campus key and password to gain access.

Jeffshare uses a folder called Trash. This acts like the Recycle Bin on your desktop. When you delete files they are moved to this folder not deleted. You will need to go into this folder and delete the files a second time to actually clear them. Note: All files in this folder DO COUNT AGAINST YOUR QUOTA.

Remote Access

Service Requests

There are two ways you can request IS&T services

  1. You can call the IS&T Solution Center at 5-7975.
  2. Or you can open a Service Request.

You should always provide your computers PCS# along with your Campus Key. If you are having problems printing we will need the printers PRT# You should also provide the best number to contact you, a general office number not usually the best method for contact. You should also provided the location of where the device having the issue resides. Many times tickets are opened by clients for others in different locations. In short the more info the better.

You will be contacted by a IS&T Solution Center analyst who will make every attempt to resolve your problem remotely. If you are having a hardware failure or something needs to be done onsite an Analyst will be dispatched.

For status updates or questions, please call the IS&T Solution Center at 5-7975.

Share Access

When submitting your request please send an email to

  • Place the ticket number in the subject box.
  • The name(s) and Campus Key of the individual(s) who needs access.
  • Share settings that you would like for this party: read, write, or edit.
  • The path to the share: ex.  \\\group\_________