Information Services & Technology

Update Current Websites

Updates to your TJU website, that which resides under the, can be handled in one of two ways:

  1. If the department maintains their information by designating a web liaison. Each department selects a person to be trained in CQ. If you wish to update a page or your section, first check with the department's admin to identify the web liaison.

    Please be aware that CQ's Workflow option has been initiated, so that when you Activate a page, a site administrator will approve and post the page to We expect that that standard turn-around times apply for most requests, however more complex site updates/additions may take longer and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. If IS&T maintains your website via a Service Request. You will provide your updates/content to IS&T, who will add the content to the site.

Department Manages Web Site Content

If a department/division chooses to maintain their web presence, a web liaison has been selected and trained in the web content management system, known as CQ.  If you are not the web liaison, please inquire with the director's admin to identify your department's web liaison and submit your web updates directly to them for implementation.

If you wish to become a web liaison, have your superior email KT Ferrera, Manager, Web Services to be invited to the next CQ Training session. CQ Training sessions are conducted on an as-needed basis and to date, have been (on-average) monthly.

Marketing Maintains Your Website

Once you submit a IS&T Service Request, a web technician will be in touch with you to obtain any needed content or instruction relating to your request. The assigned web technician will work together with you via email and over the phone to achieve the goals of your request, addressing any questions or concerns that you may have. Please follow the process below to begin:

  1. Submit a Service Request:
    • You will be asked to enter your Campus Key. After you have done this, click "Next."
    • You will be asked to enter your telephone number. Then following 'What type of service are you requesting? select the radio button 'World Wide Web.' then click "Next."
    • Change Existing Web Site will be selected by default. Under 'What site are we working on?' specify your Department's full name or selecting 'Other' specify your Division, College, etc.
    • Finally, enter the specifics of your request in the "Additional Details/Comments" box.

      NOTE: If your request relates only to text updates/additions/deletions, you may enter the full details/instructions relating to your request here. Simply specify each individual webpage address that is to be updated (e.g. followed by the text to be updated/added/deleted there. This will shorten the time it takes for your request to be completed, as most likely further information will not need to be obtained from you before work can begin on your request.

      If you prefer to provide your text updates in another way (via a Word Document, etc.) you can provide this via email or other means, once the assigned technician is in contact.
    • Click "Next."
    • You will be presented a page with a Summary of your Request Type.
      On this page, Click "Submit" to submit your request.
  2. Your Service Request will then be assigned to a web technician.
  3. If your request requires further follow up, the assigned technician will contact you via email, and/or phone, to obtain further direction, as well as content that cannot be provided within the Service Request itself, such as images, documents, etc.