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Adobe CQ

University's Content Management System

The University has secured an enterprise level web Content Management System (CMS) from Adobe Systems, Inc. The product itself is known as CQ5 and is a leader in its space.

CQ5 is a dynamic, feature-rich environment for the deployment and maintenance of web sites and web pages. CQ provides a user friendly, browser based program that allows end users to manage new or existing web sites and web pages. When fully implemented, CQ5 will provide the ability to deploy new templates, and web site designs. Beyond offering a friendly drag and drop method for end users to create or edit web sites and web pages, CQ5 will allow end users to analyze, and optimize their web content.

CQ5 is a scalable enterprise application with optional modules to support online marketing. There are advanced tools for rapid rollout and management of new marketing campaigns, content and global brand messaging across the University’s web presence, creating and testing changes in real-time, and applying specific content marketing rules.


Other benefits of CQ include:

  • Creative Site and Page Design within
    University Standards
  • User Drag-and-Drop Page Component Library
  • Text, Image, and Teaser Components
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Flash and Slideshow Components
  • Tables and Charts
  • Search and Site Maps
  • Multi-Column Layout Controls
  • Online Form Builder Components
  • Google Gadget Support - Leverage Over 40,000 Pre-Built Gadgets
  • Page Templates By Site and Site Section
  • Control Over Available Page Components
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Driven
  • Full Design Inheritance

CQ was selected by the University Web Redevelopment Steering Committee after the technical and functional review of 12 CMS products from both the open source and commercial communities. The review process included on-site vendor demos, as well as on-site hands-on product evaluations by members of the Steering Committee, a sub-committee, Jeff IT (now IS&T) and an outside consulting team.

Current plans call for the implementation of CQ whereby all University web sites will be moved into the CQ environment. Site-liaisons will be trained to update and maintain their web content, using this new feature rich application.

If you would like to learn more about CQ and the university initiative, send an email with your comments, questions and/or suggestions to