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CQ Workflow

How it works

Step by Step Directions of Workflow

  1. If you have permissions to edit your site, log into CQ to make edits needed to the page as you normally would.
  2. ACTIVATE when finished.

Note: There are two ways to Activate a page:

  • First, while you have that page open Activate from the Sidekick, via Page Control > Activate
  • Or, from the Page/Detail Pane on the Web Content Manager (WCM) screen: select the page to be posted, and then right-click to access the contextual menu > Activate

Upon ‘activating,’ you will be prompted to confirm that you also want to upload the page assets.

You only need to Activate the page once, otherwise you will receive an email for every time you have activated when the page is approved.

  • Activating the page will automatically put this page into the Workflow for approval.
    You will see this message to the right.

The site admins will review the page per the new standard, correct any implementation problems if any, and post to live site.

The admins will check CQ's internal email inbox several times throughout the day, so kindly expect up to a 24 hour turn-around from when you activate the page until it's posted.

You will get an email once the page has been activated (noting that you may get more than one email if you activated the same page or asset more than once). If you add pictures to the DAM, you will get a second email indicating that the photo has been also approved -- note, that the link in that email currently will not work.

Be sure to go to the live site to confirm that the page is updated and correct.