Information Services & Technology

Telecommunications Services

The Telecom team is responsible for supporting the phones on your desks and all of the applications that provide them with enhanced capabilities such as: 

  • Voice Mail and Automated Attendants - Voice mail can be just a standard voice mailbox, an announcement, or an Automated Attendant that offers the callers choices when calling in such as Press 1 to schedule and appointment, Press 2 to request a prescription refill, etc.
  • Contact Center Solutions - Contact center solutions are most frequently associated with the ability to queue up incoming calls and you often hear something like, "Your call is important to us. Please hold and someone will be with you shortly."  Calls are answered by agents in a contact center.  These solutions can offer callers the ability to leave "callback" information and provide the agents' supervisors with enhanced reporting on agent and call performance.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - An interactive voice response system provides an opportunity for callers to obtain information and perform actions without having to interact with an actual person.  Our Jefferson Pharmacies use an IVR to provide an automated way for you to submit your prescription refills.
  • Enterprise Faxing - Our RightFax system integrates with enterprise applications such as WellSoft and iSite to provide an automated process for faxing information such as discharge reports from the ED to a Primary Caregivers' office or a radiology report to a Primary Care Physician.
  • Call Recording - It has become very popular to do QA recording for training purposes or to have full-time recording for all phones calls into a department for future reference in legal situations.  Our team works with you to determine the best solution to fit your needs.
  • Audio Conferencing - This is when we assign you a toll free number to connect multiple people into a single phone call.  Our Verizon audio conferencing services also provides a number of options that allow the conference call leader to control the call.  See the attached brochure for instructions on how to use these options.
  • Telephone Reports - IS&T provides department heads with access to reports that enable you to manage all of your telecom expenses.  Your monthly recurring, usage and one-time charges associated with your circuits, pagers, cell phones, telephones, voice mail and contact center services are reflected in these reports.

NOTE:  You can request any of the above services by opening an IS&T Request.  Please email with any questions you may have.

Tips for Existing Contact Center Users

Contact Center Agents & Supervisors

Did you know a pre-recorded Agent Greeting is available in Interaction Client?

Agents that answer all calls with the same greeting can pre record their greeting so callers get the same pleasant greeting every time.  When a call is answered by the agent, both the caller and agent hear the greeting as it automatically plays. 

A Contact List is an easy way for your agents to look up and dial frequently called numbers.  The list is customized to display only the information for your department and can include office, pager and mobile numbers, email addresses, titles, department and many other fields.

Supervisors - In Interaction Supervisor you can create alert messages that can automatically be sent to an email address, pager, or as a pop-up on individual agent or all agent PC’s. 

To reduce the cost of answering service, you can play a message with detailed office hours that callers will hear after normal business hours.  An option can be provided for callers to reach your answering service, but many callers will prefer to call back during your normal business hours.  

Agents - You can view your personal and workgroup statistics in Interaction Client by selecting the Workgroup Queue Statistics tab and clicking on Shift\Period Statistics.  Statistics are displayed by Shift and by the Current Period.

For more information on any of these tips please contact Mike Aranda at x3-5589.