Information Services & Technology

Network &
Wireless Service

IS&T supplies wireless networking access for web access and email communications. All of Jefferson’s web resources are fully accessible from this wireless network. All students are registered for this access. Access to the Student Wireless Network is granted under the conditions of the JeffWireless Access Agreement. There is still a need to have your computer configured to access this secure network.  Also if you are not comfortable working on your computer you can call the IS&T Solution Center at (215) 955-7975 to setup an appointment to have a IS&T support technician configure your computer.


This wireless network is available in the housing buildings of Barringer, Martin and Orlowitz. It is also available in Scott Memorial Library, Jeff Alumni Hall lecture rooms and the 1st and mezzanine floors, the entire Hamilton building, all classroom floors of Edison, and the 2nd floor of College and Curtis buildings.

There are also Public Access Workstations available in a number of teaching buildings on campus. These include: Edison building 13th and 18th floors, Scott Memorial Library 1st thru 4th floors, and Jeff Alumni Hall 1st and 3rd floors.