Information Services & Technology

IS&T Support Information

Please select a link below to view IS&T's current support standards. You will find estimated costs associated with installations, relocations, as well as service level guidelines. You will find defined information pertaining to standard hardware and software that falls outside of IS&T's Standard Support Guidelines, as well as our general service level guidelines.

Supported hardware standards are defined as:

  • Dell, HP or Apple workstations purchased through IS&T only, according to minimum hardware, operating system and model specifications.        
  • The hardware must be covered by original 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Hardware must run and comply with Jefferson device management software: Altiris, Symantec, Credant, and Checkpoint..
  • All work related to below standards hardware will be billable at a rate of $74.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum charge.
  • IS&T will provide the service directly or through an outside service provider based on availability.
  • Support requests can be submitted by using the existing Web Self Service page.
  • Support is provided as “best effort”. IS&T will not be liable for data loss or hardware instability/damage/functionality/problems for below standard hardware support.
  • Current Service Level Objectives (SLO’s) are not applicable for this service, SLO’s will be determined based on availability.
  • IS&T will not disconnect below standard hardware that is currently connected to the network.
  • Hardware/software arriving from offsite, due to the arrival of new faculty/staff at Jefferson, must comply with the minimum standards set forth by IS&T Policy. Non-compliant hardware/software will not be supported, nor connected to the campus network.
  • IS&T reserves the right to disable any computer or user’s network access, logins, and accounts.

These Service Level Guidelines are intended to achieve the most prudent balance of Jefferson resources against demand. The objective is to ensure that staff members are working on the highest priorities at any given time. Service Requests will be handled and weighted according to the following factors. Please note that personally owned and purchased equipment is not supported on the Jefferson Network.


  • Older issues will normally take precedence over newer issues


  • For Example: A problem with the payroll system during a pay week, or a compromise of network security will normally take precedence over a scheduled application upgrade
  • Example 2: A problem with an instructor machine while in class will normally take precedence over the same problem outside of class time

Number of Customers Impacted

  • Any issue which results in multiple customers being down will normally take priority over an issue where fewer customers are impacted

Nature of issue

  • For Example: Inability to login will normally take precedence over the inability to print which in turn will take precedence over a problem with a function in Microsoft Word
  • Example 2: A problem with an existing workstation or application will normally take precedence over an installation or upgrade


  • Supported equipment and software will normally take precedence over non-supported
  • Equipment which does not have appropriate security and virus protection will become a priority of the correction of the deficiency



Severe/Widespread Outages

Widespread Virus Infection
Compromised University Website
Large scale security breach

Communication regarding the problem via IS&T Solution Center, e-mail. Blackboard alerts if possible.

Wide-spread technical issue affecting 5 or more clients
Inoperable System
Inoperable Converged Device

Customer contact within 30 minutes
Physical response within 4 business days.

Critical Application failure

System crash on application loading
Network printing issues (no backup printer available)

Customer contact within 1 hour
Physical response within 1 business day

Spyware/Adware on a single machine

Customer contact within 1-2 hours
Physical response within 1-2 business days

Non-Critical Application failure

Outlook issues (alternate solution available)
Local Printer issues

Customer contact within 1-2 hours
Physical response within 2 business days

Below Standard/Out of Warranty Break/Fix Support

Best Effort


New Computer Deployments/Projects

Billing Rate @ $74.00 per hour


Basic Project

Less than 11 computers
Standard installation

Customer contact within 1-3 business days. Physical response within 1-2 business weeks after delivery of the equipment to the CSC

Advanced Project

11-20 computers
Complex/Custom setup

Customer contact within 1-3 business days. Physical response within 2-4 business weeks after delivery of the equipment to the CSC

Custom Project

21 or more computers
Complex/custom setup

Timeline to be determined on a case-by-case basis based on IS&T availability and client needs. Statement of work may be required.


*Any project request or break/fix problem that includes specialized software, vendor installed/supported software/hardware or has multiple locations across campus may extend the SLO timeframe as is situationally appropriate.

Services Estimated Hours Estimated Costs

Installation of new computer



Replace PC



Computer move/same user



Computer move/new user
(Client responsible for moves to new building locations)



Setup of existing computer/new user



Installation of new computer/cascade of old computer



Installation of printer --
Local printer
Network printer
(est. dependent on # of users)



Installation of software (est. dependent on type of software)

0.5 - 2

$42.50 - $170.00

Move of existing printer
Local printer
Network printer (est. dependent on # of users)



Installation of scanner



Peripheral installation, monitor, keyboard



Installation of external drive