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Center for Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience


The Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience team is launching the Center for Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (CDICE) to provide shared enterprise services around digital innovation and consumer experience to Jefferson’s internal and external stakeholders.

Formalizing CDICE will enable us to broaden our collaborative networks to other institutions; provide leadership, best practices, support and/or training; attract investment and research; and design, develop, and launch new software solutions, portals, technologies and associated business concepts that address the pivotal areas of digital innovation and consumer experience in education and health care. 

Recent News

  • Palm Scanning, A New Biometric Patient Identification Method
    Palm Scanning, a new biometric patient identification method at Abington, was recently highlighted in the Philadelphia Business Journal. This innovative identification method enhances the safety and efficiency of patient registration by scanning patients’ palms.

  • Aria and Abington Home Care Departments Now Integrated
    The Home Care departments at Aria and Abington merged on January 1, after several months of integration efforts. This integration uses the McKesson Home Care System, Abington’s existing system, across both locations.

  • TechTarget: What emergent technology made the 2017 IT watch list?
    At the recent Gartner Symposium in Orlando, SearchCIO spoke to IT executives to find out which emergent technology is on their radar for next year, and their responses ran the gamut -- everything from machine learning and conversational UIs to containers, IoT and APIs.