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Adnan Bashir, MD, Scholarship Fund


Paul Brucker, MD, former president of Thomas Jefferson University (right) with Adnan Bashir, MD’11

Iftikhar Chaudhry, MD ’93, remembers his cousin Adnan Bashir, MD ’11, as fiercely ambitious and independent. “He was very aware of how extensive and expensive the process of becoming a doctor is and found every avenue he could to lighten the burden not only on himself but on his family,” says Chaudhry, an ophthalmologist.

Bashir’s hard work led to his receipt of a Paul C. Brucker, MD, Scholarship in 2009 and 2010. Brucker Scholarship funds benefit students in the accelerated Penn State/Jefferson BS/MD program — the same program Chaudhry completed years earlier. 

“Adnan saw how happy I was with my training and wanted to follow in my footsteps, and he was so appreciative that scholarship support helped him do that,” he says.

Sadly, Bashir was unable to fulfill his dream, as he passed away suddenly in May 2013 while an anesthesiology resident at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. To honor his memory, Chaudhry recently established the Adnan Bashir, MD, Scholarship Fund to support SKMC students. This is the second scholarship fund Chaudhry has endowed at Jefferson — and is also the second one inspired by Bashir.

“Adnan’s excitement about going to Jefferson made me want to get more involved,” says Chaudhry, who responded by creating the Chaudhry Family Scholarship Fund, which benefits students in the Penn State/Jefferson program, in 2009. “I named the second scholarship after him to thank him for reminding me of my roots.”

Both of the scholarships Chaudhry has established qualified for Jefferson’s “match,” through which the University pledges to match funds donated to any new scholarship or professorship, dollar for dollar. By taking advantage of this incentive, Chaudhry has found a way to memorialize a promising young physician whose passing leaves a void but whose legacy will live on by helping countless medical students for years to come. 

“I did this to recognize an amazing person and also to provide a future benefit for society. Our world needs good doctors, and Jefferson trains good doctors. I encourage all alumni to give as much as they can.”