Office of Institutional Advancement



Innovation – it’s in our DNA. From the legendary Dr. John H. Gibbon, Jr., who opened a new era in cardiac surgery by developing the heart-lung machine at Jefferson, to our surgeons who broke ground by being the first in Philadelphia to use robotic surgery techniques to repair mitral valve, everything we do is about extending lives and improving health.

Here are just a few examples of the groundbreaking research that you can help support.

Personalizing Cardiac Care

Jefferson investigators uncovered a new understanding of the relationship between race and heart disease. We found that the formation of blood clots follows a different molecular route in African Americans, work that could lead to more individualized treatments for heart disease and other blood clot-related illnesses.

Breathing Easy

We have designed a ventilation system for patients with congestive and advanced heart failure experiencing sleep disorders. Our innovative technology senses the breathing of each sleeper and, detecting a pause, regulates pressure in the mouth and throat so that the patient resumes breathing safely – at 90% of the normal rate.

Safer Care

Our scientists are studying new methods to decrease the risk of complications associated with angioplasty. We evaluated the effectiveness of various techniques, demonstrating best practices to care for high-risk patients. In fact, we devised a new technique that improved success in high-risk patients from 78% to 92%.

Translational Research

We are involved in multiple NIH-funded translational studies in congenital heart disease growth and development of heart tissue, repairing and preventing congenital heart disease, creating and growing new heart tissue and developing interventions to prevent diseases of the heart muscle.

Clinical Trials

We have over 30 ongoing studies in heart failure, electrophysiology, atrial fibrillation, blot clots and cardiac surgery.