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Farid I. Haurani, MD

Farid I. Haurani, MD and Paul F. Bray, MD

Farid I. Haurani, MD and Paul F. Bray, MD

On a September 2014 visit to Jefferson’s campus to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research, Farid I. Haurani, MD, recalled highlights from his 30 years as a Cardeza faculty member.

“What I remember most is the close relationships between MDs and PhDs,” he said. “The Foundation built an early bridge between clinicians and scientists, setting the model for today’s multidisciplinary teamwork.”

To honor his mentor, Leandro M. Tocantins, MD, Haurani established the Leandro M. Tocantins, MD-Farid I. Haurani, MD Directorship in the Cardeza Foundation, which will support hematologic research in perpetuity. Paul F. Bray, MD, is the first holder of this esteemed directorship.

Haurani joined Jefferson’s faculty in 1958 and worked alongside Tocantins to advance treatments for blood disorders. Together, they accomplished remarkable “firsts” such as demonstrating the feasibility of human bone marrow transplantation.

Haurani died at age 86 on Nov. 11, 2014, but his spirit lives on through the directorship he created as well as his groundbreaking achievements; the researchers his work continues to inspire; and the countless patients their discoveries will benefit in the years ahead.