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The Troetel Scholarship

Bill Troetel, PhD, with students from the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences.

Bill Troetel, PhD, with students from the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences.

William M. Troetel, PhD ’72, attributes his professional success to his Jefferson education—and gratitude for his academic experience has inspired him to give back.

“I am where I am today because of Jefferson,” says Bill, who has more than four decades of drug regulatory experience and works as a consultant for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as they move new drugs through clinical development and to market. “When I tell people I went to Jefferson, it makes an impression.”

A U.S. Public Health Service veteran, Bill attended the university on the GI Bill, which provides educational assistance to military service-members. He recognizes that without that backing, he might not have been able to complete his education. To help current students achieve their own dreams, this year he and his wife, Barbara, made a gift to establish the Troetel Scholarship Fund in the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences.

Bill visited Jefferson in September to speak with members of the Jefferson Business and Biotechnology Group (BizBio), a student-run organization that promotes interest in careers involving both business and scientific training.  By sharing details about his professional field, he introduced students to a path they might never have considered before.

“There are possibilities for PhD students that go far beyond being a bench scientist. I’ve had a wonderful career and enjoy explaining what I do so students can learn about a new option they might not even have been aware of,” he says, noting that through both his scholarship support and his time speaking with students on campus, “I want to create opportunities for young people who otherwise might not have those opportunities.”