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Richard G. Pestell's Biography

Richard G. Pestell, M.D., Ph.D.
1050 BLSB
233 S. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 503-5692
Fax: (215) 503-9334

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Director Richard G. Pestell, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Pestell, an internationally renowned expert in oncology and endocrinology, was named Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson in November 2005. Dr. Pestell is a highly respected researcher and clinician whose current work is focused on developing new cancer therapies that specifically target tumors, and reduce the side effects that are associated with commonly used cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Before coming to Jefferson, Dr. Pestell was director of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. He received his MD and PhD degrees from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Pestell's research is focused on identifying molecular markers of pre-malignant disease to develop preventive approaches to cancer. He has made significant contributions to our understanding of cell cycle regulation and the disturbances that can lead to the malignant transformation of cells. Dr. Pestell has particular expertise in hormonally-responsive tumors, such as those of the breast and prostate, and his work is directed toward the eventual discovery of novel therapies for these cancers.

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