Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center


The mission of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center MetaOmics Shared Resource (MOSR) is to provide a comprehensive resource across the SKCC consortium that meets all the “omics” needs of SKCC members through a single portal. These “omics” include: genomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, glycomics, metabolomics, and lipidomics. MetaOmics evolved through a carefully planned expansion of the SKCC’s former Cancer Genomics Shared Resource (CGSR). The CGSR, founded in 2007 by Paolo Fortina, MD, PhD, fostered leading-edge cancer research through its technology and specialized expertise in genomics and bioinformatics. In response to growing demand for a broader range of omics capabilities, the CGSR combined with a developing facility at Drexel University College of Medicine, led by Garth Ehrlich, PhD, FAAAS. Dr. Ehrlich now serves as the MOSR Director, and Dr. Fortina serves as Co- Director of the combined facility. New or enhanced services include: consultative faculty-level experimental design services; state-of-the-art laboratory services covering multiple omics disciplines; and data analysis services for high throughput and high fidelity omics-based technologies provided by a team of highly trained bioinformaticians. Besides new instrumentation platforms, the MOSR continues to provide Illumina-based high throughput short-read DNA sequencing and RNAseq capabilities, as well as array-based technologies. Current goals for the MOSR include:

  1. Leverage the latest genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics technologies to serve SKCC members conducting advanced cancer research
  2. Provide expertise and guidance in experimental and project design and analysis through a single portal
  3. Promote a user friendly environment by providing expert consultations, high-quality services at reasonable fees, fast turnaround, and ready access to equipment after training
  4. Provide bioinformatics analysis on all samples ensuring rapid feedback on sample and library quality, suggest future experiments indicating whether additional analyses are warranted
  5. Coordinate with other SKCC Shared Resources, particularly Biostatistics, Translational Pathology, and Flow Cytometry, to efficiently and effectively support larger-scale projects on behalf of all users

The MetaOmics Shared Resource is centrally located in the Bluemle Life Sciences Building and Drexel University downtown campus.

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