Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Consortium Partners


The parent institution of the NCI-designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) is Thomas Jefferson University, complemented by two highly active consortium partners:  Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) and Drexel University.  A collaborative biomedical research infrastructure between the consortium institutions and the SKCC is supported through integrated program meetings, symposia, participation in SKCC Grand Rounds, use of complementary shared resources and teleconferencing for research activities among the three institutions. Clinical research across the consortium is guided by the SKCC’s Data Safety and Monitoring Board, formal Multi-Disciplinary Groups, a common Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Protocol Review Committee. The SKCC Clinical Trials Office supports all cancer clinical trial activities and provides public and professional access to the trials at LIMR and SKCC, and a staged plan is being developed to facilitate similar integration with Drexel University.

Consortium Partners

Our Partners

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) is an independent, non-profit biomedical research center located in suburban Philadelphia, U.S., on the campus of Lankenau Medical Center. LIMR specializes in basic, clinical, and translational research on cancer and cardiovascular disease, and joined the SKCC consortium in 2007. The President and CEO of LIMR is George C. Prendergast, PhD.  Under his leadership, LIMR implemented a unique 'acapreneurial' model for biomedical research that combines elements of academic science and biotechnology entrepreneurialism in the same organization. Today, in addition to its tradition in supporting non-profit basic and clinical research, LIMR also houses a biotechnology incubator, where several small start-up companies translate basic discoveries into practical medical applications.  Within SKCC, Dr. Prendergast also serves as Co-Leader of the Cancer Cell Signaling Program, and is a member of the SKCC Executive Committee.  SKCC members from LIMR have been fully integrated since formation of the SKCC Consortium in 2007, and bring expertise in immunotherapy, targeted therapies, imaging, and novel technologies associated with therapeutic delivery.

Drexel University formally joined the SKCC consortium in 2013, further potentiating research excellence in basic, clinical and population science in cancer. Inclusion of Drexel University cancer researchers into the consortium formalized and extended a long-standing history of collaborative research publications and grants between consortium investigators, most particularly as associated with cancer imaging, hormone-dependent cancers, clinical research, bioinformatics, and population-based studies assessing cancer risk and control.  Drexel University also brings substantial strength in biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and medicinal chemistry.  SKCC members from Drexel University serve leadership roles within the consortium, including Drs. Alessandro Fatatis (Co-Leader of the Prostate Program), Noreen Robertson (member of the SKCC Executive Committee), Kenneth Simansky (SKCC Consortium Advisory Committee), and Robert Comis (SKCC Consortium Advisory Committee).