Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Cancer Research Training


Three PhD Programs are associated with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, through its relationships with the departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics & Cancer Biology, Immunology & Microbiology in the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences:

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
  • Genetics, Genomics & Cancer Biology
  • Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis

These graduate programs currently enroll 80 Ph.D. students. All are receiving full financial support consisting of tuition, stipend, and student health insurance. Student support comes from a variety of sources including research grants, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Grants and Individual Fellowships, and University fellowships.

Students enrolled in these graduate programs have world-class research facilities at their disposal. In addition to extensive basic equipment and facilities such as instrument rooms, a high-containment laboratory, and controlled-environment rooms, students have access to numerous shared resources. These include peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis and sequencing facilities; facilities for cell sorting by flow cytometry; animal quarters equipped for transgenic mouse production; protein purification and characterization facilities; scanning and transmission electron microscopy; confocal microscopy; extensive computer and bioinformatics facilities; a CD spectrometer; X-ray detectors for macromolecular crystallography; a microarray core facility; and a molecular interaction facility.


The research programs of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center offer unparalleled opportunities for postdoctoral training. Our researchers are physicians and scientists dedicated to the mission of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center " increase the survival and quality of life of cancer patients by translating laboratory discoveries into new strategies to prevent, diagnose, monitor and cure human cancer."

Please review the Basic and Clinical Science Research Programs of the Sideny Kimmel Cancer Center, as well as the Shared Resources.

Other educational opportunities may be found within the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Jefferson SKCC International Scholars Program

Training opportunities are available for pre- and post-doctoral students in the vigorous cancer research laboratories of Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) at Thomas Jefferson University. The Jefferson Sidney Kimmel Cancer International Scholars Program (JSKCCIS) will provide extensive training in a broad range of research methodologies and in writing scientific publications and grants. Studies involve in vivo and in vitro models of cancer. For pre-doctoral students, the home university will be the degree granting university.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Travel, accommodation, health insurance and salary need to be covered by the home university.
  • Research mentorship, research space and reagents will be covered by the host university (SKCC).

The Office of International Affairs will provide help with housing and visa issues.

Universities participating in the program include:
University of Calabria, Italy
University of Ferrara (UNIFE), Italy.

For more information, or highly motivated candidates are encouraged to send or email application with a brief statement of research experience and interest, CV and three letters of references to:

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University
Bluemle Life Science Building, 309A
233 S. Tenth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107