Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Core Values & History

Core Values

The SKCC strives to achieve our core values on a daily basis:

  • Be involved in the action and passion of our times
  • Pursue the theoretical limit of perfection and
  • Always build ideal teams of distinguishable greatness

The people of that team must be able to say:

  • I am treated with dignity and respect everyday by everyone I encounter, regardless of my position and responsibilities
  • I am given the things necessary to make a contribution that is meaningful to my life
  • I am recognized for the things I do
  • Never trim values
  • Always give hope

SKCC History

For nearly 25 years, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson has been a leader in oncology research, patient treatment and cancer education. Founded in 1991 as a stand-alone center with a staff of 30, it has grown into a clinical and research enterprise comprising 32 hospitals within our cancer network and practices staffed by hundreds of oncology researchers and physicians from around the globe.  In 1996,  with the generous support of Mr. Sidney Kimmel, the cancer center became known as the Kimmel Cancer Center and subsequently renamed the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in 2013.   

The mission of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, is devoted to cancer eradication by leveraging strengths in research and clinical care to; 

Discover the molecular basis of cancer development and progression,

Develop this knowledge into effective new prevention, detection and treatment strategies,

Disseminate knowledge by educating patients, clinicians and laboratory-based scientists,

Devise innovative strategies to decrease cancer health disparities  

Deliver the most advanced cancer care.

At the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, cancer is all we do, and our vision drives our efforts to reimagine cancer care, research and education. Treatments will be more precise and effective.  Greater collaboration in the lab and in the clinic will yield more powerful discoveries. And the future leaders of cancer care will approach their work with a more empathetic, holistic and human touch.  

The past eight years have seen tremendous growth in our basic science and clinical programs. As we look toward the future, our focus on translational research will intensify and position the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at the forefront of centers dedicated to discovery and innovation in cancer treatment.

Until Every Cancer is Cured