Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I HOST a student?

You are welcome to host a student (or multiple) students as often as your schedule allows.

What time of year will the visits take place?

Most residency interviews occur during the months of October through January.

Where are HOSTS available?

Alumni Relations hopes to secure hosts across the nation to accommodate our students.

What will the students expect from the HOST?

Students will expect an opportunity to connect with an alumni host and gain invaluable insights on the local medical community. As an alumni host, you can offer the benefit of your own experiences, providing an insider’s view of the medical profession, your specialty, and the area in which you live or practice.

If you are matched with a student seeking a host, you may decide to do one or more of the following:

  • Counsel the student (in person, over the phone, or via email) who may have questions about the residency program or the community where he or she is interviewing.
  • Provide transportation, meals or area tours.
  • Provide overnight accommodations for the student for one or two nights.

There are no requirements for the level of participation for alumni hosts – you may welcome students to stay at your home for a couple days or you may only be available to meet for coffee. Every HOST program experience is different and will depend on the individual host and their availability. 

Why do alumni join?

Alumni benefit by knowing they are assisting tomorrow’s physicians with important decisions on their clinical training and with the financial burden of residency interviews. As a host, you also have the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from a student about the new endeavors at Jefferson.

How do I sign up to be a HOST?

Complete and submit online the Alumni Registration Form.  An Alumni Relations staff member will then contact you if we have a student match. Please note that while we strive to match as many alumni volunteer hosts with students as we can, we cannot guarantee that all volunteers will be contacted with a match.

Do I contact the student I am matched with?

Once you’ve been matched with a student, your contact information will be shared with him or her.  It is up to the student to contact you to share the details of their travel and interview plans, and to arrange the visit.

How far in advance will I be contacted?

Students are asked to contact their respective host as soon as they receive the contact information to begin coordinating plans. Be sure to exchange cell phone/e-mail contact information. 

What happens if travel or interview plans change or get cancelled?

The student that you are hosting will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about any change in travel plans.

Do I need to do anything after the visit is over? 

The student has been asked to take a photo of the host family with him/her to submit to the Alumni Relations so that it can be posted to the Alumni website. You are also welcome to keep in touch with the student you hosted if he/she has any follow-up questions.


Please contact Alumni Relations at or 215-955-2171 if you have questions about the HOST Program.