JCBS Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 1983 to recognize the outstanding professional achievements of Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences alumni and to foster communication between current and former graduate students. The Award is presented each year during Alumni Day as part of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Lecture & Reception. The honoree is invited to present on his or her career achievements and meet current students and postdoctoral fellows, alumni, and faculty.

All members of the Thomas Jefferson University community -past and present- are invited to participate in the Awards process by nominating exceptional alumni for consideration by the Alumni Association’s Awards Committee for this prestigious honor.

To submit a nomination, please include a curriculum vitae or resume, along with a letter of nomination, explaining the nominee’s professional achievements including one or more of the following:

  • significant scientific, academic, professional, entrepreneurial, or industry contributions to medicine or science
  • fruitful scientific endeavors outside of his or her institution
  • evidence of outstanding mentorship
  • service to the community as a scientist
  • contributions to forwarding the stature of Thomas Jefferson University

Nominations should be submitted by email to Anne Jensen, Director, Alumni Relations at, or by mail or in person to the Office of Alumni Relations, Edison Building, 130 South 9th Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 215-955-7750 or if you have any questions.

Past Award Recipients

1983: Sydney Spector, PhD ’56
1984: Eileen Randall, PhD ’60
1985: Ronald Jensh, PhD ’66
1986: Gary McGarrity, PhD ’70
1987: Joseph Borzelleca, PhD ’56
1988: Richard Rothman, MD, PhD ’65
1989: Philip Rosenberg, PhD ’57
1990: Julian Ambrus, MD, PhD ’54
1991: Mark Brown, MD, PhD ’69
1992: Fredric Rieders, PhD ’52
1993: Melvin Johnson, PhD ’69
1994: Kent Weinhold, MS ’75, PhD ’79
1995: Mildred S. Christian, PhD ’79
1996: Prabhavathi B. Fernandes, PhD ’75
1997: Wade H. Berrettini, MD, PhD ’79
1998: George J. Trachte, PhD ’79
1999: Scott Waldman, MD, PhD ’80

2000: Mark E. Brezinski, MD, PhD ’88
2001: Elaine Z. Francis, PhD ’78
2002: Richard Thomson Jr., MS ’76, PhD ’80 
2003: Georganne Buescher, EdD, MS ’75
2004: Eli Fromm, PhD ’67
2005: Michael Rieders, PhD ’85
2006: Brian O’Rourke, PhD ’90
2007: Susan Dillon, PhD ’85
2008: Thomas B. Knudsen, PhD ’81
2009: Vincent T. Armenti, MD ’82, PhD ’79
2010: Nicholas Nicolaides, PhD ’92 
2011: Leonard M. Rosenfeld, PhD ’64
2012: Richard A. Brigandi, MD’97, PhD ’97
2013: Yun Yen MD, PhD ’88
2014: E. John Wherry, PhD ’00
2015: Michael R. Blackburn, PhD '94
2016: Michael Hsieh, MD '01